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The low down on lower back pain (Part 2)

A common source of lower back pain is the trigger points in the quadratus lumborum, also known as The Joker. One of the key functions of this important but relatively small back muscle group is to stabilise the lumbar spine and without it we struggle to stay upright! That's why quadratus lumborum trigger points can…
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The low down on lower back pain (Part 1)

'I really must get my back looked at...' How often have you heard somebody say that — or indeed said it yourself? Lower back pain is so common that it's almost an oddity to meet someone who's never experienced it. And many of us just accept it as a fact of life — especially as…
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Keep that Christmas stress at bay!

The festive season is a recipe for stress and tension, and we all need to look ourselves and take a bit of time out at this time of year. Easier said than done, but here are a few tips that will help... 1. And relax... Just grabbing a half-hour to yourself will make all the…
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