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Getting to grips with RSI (Part 1)

The summer holidays are just a memory, and we're all back at work with our focus on the busy autumn and winter months ahead. But did you know that if you use a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet such as an iPad, or even just a smartphone, you may be at risk of developing…
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Shouldering the pain

Our bodies are built to withstand all manner of injuries and pain, but every trauma we experience causes shortening of our muscles and fascia (that's the tough connective tissue that holds us together). We get used to this 'shortened' position, our bodies finding us the most comfortable positions to hold, but eventually the pain re-emerges…
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Keeping your running legs on track (Part 2)

Along with focused and regular stretching (see our previous post), try incorporating some simple self-treatment into your training regime to help stay injury-free. Trigger point de-activation A trigger point feels like a knot in the muscle or fascia. It may hurt when pressed, or it may be tender and radiate pain without pressure, or it…
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Keeping your running legs on track (Part 1)

The marathon season is well under way, with runners everywhere following tough training schedules to reach their goals. If you're one of them, we've got some great tips to help you stay injury-free as you head for the start line — and the advice applies just as well if you're targeting shorter race distances, such…
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