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How trigger point therapy works and how you can make it work for you

We’ve already had a look at what trigger points are and the problems they can cause; now we’re going to explore how trigger point therapy can help you. Trigger point therapy can be used very narrowly, to treat something quite specific, or much more widely as part of a whole-body approach. We deactivate the trigger…
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What are trigger points and how can we recognise them?

Of all the approaches we take at the Wells Clinic, trigger point therapy has to be the most versatile because it can be done pretty much anywhere! We obviously use a massage table, but it’s by no means essential and you can even carry out trigger point therapy through your clothing. It works really well…
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Keeping your muscles happy when it’s cold outside

You have no doubt noticed that it seems to take longer to get up to speed when you exercise in cold weather, and there’s a very good reason for that. Our muscles are strongly affected by temperature and the colder it is, the harder it is for them to function efficiently. You may experience this…
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