How we work

Foot massageWe understand that people can sometimes feel a little vulnerable when trying out a new therapy or meeting a new therapist, so we’ll go out of our way to treat you with care, compassion and complete discretion.

Our clinic is located in a tranquil private location in Yateley, Hampshire, and our treatment room has been carefully designed to help put clients at ease. Your first appointment will involve an in-depth holistic consultation that explores your complete medical history and assesses your general well being as well as looking in detail at your specific condition or source of pain.

The next step is to help you take positive control of your health by working with you to achieve your objectives through a tailored programme of treatments and home-based exercise.


And this is what makes us so different from many other clinical massage therapists — we believe working as a team delivers long-term results more consistently and faster than conventional approaches, and our track record bears this out.


Head and neck massageThe number of sessions you’ll need will depend on how long you’ve had your condition.

Think in terms of a ‘Fix in Six’ — a series of two or three one-hour weekly or fortnightly treatments spaced over six weeks. Some conditions may take fewer sessions; others more.

Full details of our price structure here — or just contact us to find out more.