Case histories

From disabling pain to climbing Annapurna

Carmen came to the clinic suffering from frequent headaches, pain in her shoulders, and a forearm injury that stopped her lifting her arm beyond her shoulder. After a series of regular sessions, the headaches had gone, her shoulder was greatly improved and full movement was restored to her arm. As a result she was able to achieve one of her bucket list goals — climbing Annapurna (the world’s tenth highest mountain), carrying her own backpack in difficult conditions and reaching a height of 5416m on the Thorung La pass.

A full recovery after suffering car crash whiplash

Claire was already being treated at the clinic for lower back pain when she was unfortunately involved in a car accident and suffered severe whiplash injuries. She was unable to turn her head and was experiencing extreme pain in her neck and shoulders. It took two sessions to restore full movement to her neck and a few more before her recovery was complete. She has suffered no lasting ill effects from whiplash.

Laptop ‘tennis elbow’ resolved with mix of treatments

Katy sustained a ‘tennis elbow’ repetitive strain injury (RSI), along with neck and shoulder tension, after using a laptop without proper forearm support. She was finding driving painful and had been advised to switch to an automatic. Painkillers made no difference, and nor did resting. After a series of regular sessions, complemented by a specific exercise programme that Katy followed at home between treatments, we were able to resolve all the issues and prevent a recurrence. By taking on board our recommendations for safe laptop use, she can now work for long periods without any discomfort and still drives her manual car.

John O’Groats to Land’s End challenge a success

Alan first sought relief from lower back problems, but then began experiencing a lot of leg stiffness and pain as he cranked up the training for his latest challenge — cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End. He had two family members lined up as his back-up crew, but no one on hand to keep his legs in good shape. So we put in place a JOGLE survival plan! Before he left, we drew up a programme for him to follow on the road comprising a mix of self-treatment — including the use of a small massage ball — and stretching. With these techniques, Alan was able to cycle 70 miles a day and complete the journey without incident despite some atrocious weather. He’s now working on his next challenge, with the clinic on board as his ‘training partner’.

RICE to the rescue after dog yanks on his lead

A dog tugging hard on his lead left Debbie with the front of her shoulder aching badly. It felt a lot like the pain she had suffered years earlier with whiplash, and she tried adapting some stretching exercises she had been given at the time. But to no avail — neither the exercises nor painkillers brought any relief, so she sought advice from the Wells Clinic. She was urged to apply a soothing gel strip such as Kool ‘n’ Soothe to her shoulder and to adopt the RICE recovery approach — Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Debbie’s discomfort was immediately reduced and she was close to pain-free after a single session at the clinic a week later.